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I am employed as a full-time webmaster for a large company in Houston, Texas, where I apply web-based solutions on a daily basis. I use a wide range of technologies, including but not limited to PHP, MySQL, Javascript, HTML and CSS. If you're talking LAMP, you're speaking my language.

I like designing MySQL databases and collecting and rendering data in all the creative ways offered by PHP, Javascript, etc.

Development for my current employer is extensive but isn't inluded here. However, here are some examples of other web applications I have developed.

Personal Web Application Development Examples

Digital Product Delivery for Paypal and 2Checkout

This is a PHP/MySQL application I developed that provides for automated delivery of virtual products purchased with Paypal or 2Checkout.

Admin Screenshots

  • Creates automated product download access automatically
  • Limits download access automatically
  • Full featured admin control panel
  • Download link expiration setting
  • License expiration setting
  • Notify all licensed users when product updated
  • Paypal and 2Checkout button codes automatically created
  • Use these buy now buttons anywhere
  • Create manual transactions for giveaways or offline payments
  • Affiliate system
I also developed as the online membership version.

ShareaSale Automated CSV Store Maker

I developed this PHP/MySQL application to provide an easy, inexpensive way to turn Shareasale CSV product data files into instant affiliate websites. Data files downloaded from Shareasale are imported into MySQL at the press of a button and the script renders the MySQL data into an ecommerce site where buy buttons contain automatic affiliate links to the vendor product pages.

Demo | Admin Screenshots

  • Search engine optimized content and links
  • Category and merchant navigation links automatically created
  • Retail and discount prices shown with each listing
  • Product images added automatically
  • Broken images automatically replaced by "No Image" graphic
  • Configurable pagination on index page
  • Set minimum price of products to show
  • Full product detail page for each listing
  • Related product listings at the bottom of product detail pages
  • Searchable listings

Online Volunteer management

I developed this PHP MySQL application to allow event organizers to manage volunteers online. Many swim teams, in particular, have used Step Up Big for years, each managing hundreds of volunteers over multiple weekly swim meets. I originally added a Paypal subsription payment option but never utilized. The site has always been free.

Visit | Screen Shots

Web Battle Creator and Manager

This PHP application collects votes and renders results as totals and percentages. The administrator may add categories and entries that are voted on by visitors.

Demo | Admin Screenshots

  • Full admin control panel
  • Search engine optimized
  • Shows top and bottom 10 in sidebar
  • Shows battle picks in sidebar

Hit Counters

I originally developed this script to offer Craigslist users a way to embed image-based hit counters in their ads. Since then Craigslist has abolished images in their ads. However, these hit counters are still getting some use on other sites. The administration area is pretty basic, showing hit data for counters in use.

All-time data

Counters: 3,373
Hits: 1,298,783


Horse Values

To create this application for a client, I scraped breed price values from some popular horse classifieds. Those values are used to render values based on breed price averages. Users are presented with a printable certificate containing their horse's estimated value.

Website | Screen Shots

New York City Map of Toilets In Public Parks

This project involved scraping open data XML into MySQL. Geocodes are added during this process. The data is updated weekly and rendered back into XML, which is cached weekly. That XML file is then used to create the map using the Google maps API.


Website Flipping Data

I developed this script to scrape sales dats from Flippa and render the information scoreboard style.


Movie Recommendations

Select a movie and be presented with a list of movies people who liked your movie also liked. Keep clicking to find even more movie ideas. Then open in IMDB, Rottem Tomatoes or Amazon. This all revolves around a lot of data scraped from a popular movie website


Cord Cutter News Aggregation

This website scrapes several blogs nightly that are dedicated to dropping cable TV. The results are stored in MySQL. It renders excerpts that link to the original articles.