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I am employed as a full-time webmaster for a large company in Houston, Texas, where I apply web-based solutions on a daily basis. I use a wide range of technologies, including but not limited to PHP, MySQL, Javascript, HTML and CSS. If you're talking LAMP, you're speaking my language.

I like designing MySQL databases and collecting and rendering data in all the creative ways offered by PHP, Javascript, etc.

Examples of work for my current employer are not included here.

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New York City Map of Toilets In Public Parks

This involves scraping open data XML into MySQL. Geocodes are added during this process. The data is updated weekly and rendered back into XML, which is cached weekly. That XML file is then used to create the map using the Google maps API.

Web Programming

I am a web developer with wide ranging skills and have much experience handling all phases of development in LAMP environments. As a PHP/MySQL programmer, websites don't tell the whole story. So here is a list of many useful web applications I have programmed.
  • Automated digital product delivery using Paypal and 2Checkout IPN

  • Affiliate system

  • Fetch and parse U.S. Geological Survey XML Data

  • Paid membership based video upload, storage and membership

  • Web communication application pairing investors and entreneurs
  • Custom e-commerce solutions for and FirstData

  • Distributed image-based hit counters

  • Lead generation landing page

  • Download and parse XML product feeds to MySQL and render using PHP

  • Secure online sales management

  • Install and configure Wowza Media Server
  • Scrape sales data and use to estimate future sales values based on features and attributes with online form application

  • Feature rich online volunteer management system

  • Fetch and parse RSS product feeds to MySQL on cron schedule and render using PHP

Custom Websites
This site helps people sell and automatically deliver downloadable products.
This site uses movie list data from IMDB to recommend movies based on which movies were recommended by users with similar inetestes.
Developed PHP/MySQL driven site that agregates RSS into data and displayes in a variety of ways.
Developed PHP/MySQL driven site allows users to manage volunteers and event scheduling online.
Developed PHP/MySQL driven site that allows horse owners to estmate the value of horses.
Development and management of unique website offering special free counters to the Craigslist community.
PHP script product sales.
Automated affiliate store.
Development, maintenance and hosting of informational website.
PHP/MySQL driven voting site.

Wordpress Websites
Review site management. Redesign and maintenance of website that showcases businness brokerage offerings.
Review site development and management.
Development and hosting of self-maintained informational website.

E-Commerce Websites
Delopment and management of unique website selling 3D printers and parts.
Development and hosting of self-maintained intangible e-commerce website.


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PearlGurlz Green Screen Video
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